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Psychiatr. Pol. ONLINE FIRST Nr 45

Published ahead of print 16 July, 2016


Jerzy A. Sobański, Michał Skalski, Tomasz Gołąbek, Agata Świerkosz,
Mikołaj Przydacz, Katarzyna Klasa, Krzysztof Rutkowski, Edyta Dembińska,
Michał Mielimąka, Katarzyna Cyranka, Piotr L. Chłosta, Dominika Dudek


Występowanie wybranych objawów z dolnego odcinka układu moczowego u pacjentów dziennego oddziału leczenia zaburzeń nerwicowych


Occurrence of selected lower urinary tract symptoms in patients of a day hospital for neurotic disorders

Aim. To assess the occurrence of selected lower urinary tract symptoms in the population of patients with neurotic and personality disorders.
Material and methods. This was a retrospective analysis of occurrence, co-existence and severity of two selected lower urinary tract symptoms in 3,929 patients in a day hospital for neurotic disorders. The KO “O” symptom checklist was used to measure the study variables.
Results. Although the symptoms associated with micturition are not the most prevalent symptoms of neurotic disorders, neither are they the most typical ones, the prevalence of urinary frequency referring to the last week before psychotherapy evaluated among the patients of a day hospital, was approximately 50%. Involuntary micturition, a symptom with a significant implication on the self-esteem and social functioning was much less common; it was reported by approximately 5% relatively healthy and young group of patients. Major bother from urinary frequency was reported by 9–14% of patients, whereas from involuntary micturition by only 0.6%–1% of the surveyed patients.
Conclusions. Selected urological symptoms seem to be prevalent among the patients with neurotic and personality disorders, and are independent of the specific diagnosis or patients’ gender. Their co-existence with other symptoms of neurotic disorders reported by the patients indicates their strongest relationship with the somatoform, dissociative, sexual and agoraphobic disorders.

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